Working Out On Your Period? Yes, You Can!

May 21, 2021

It’s that time of the month again and we know sometimes working out is the LAST thing you want to do. You probably don’t want to hear it right now but endorphins may work better than that heat pad you’ve got…

Don’t worry, we’re not saying that you need to be working out because sometimes you do just have those days. You know the ones we mean, when all you want to do is curl up in bed, eat chocolate and watch reruns of friends... It is SO okay not to workout when you’re on your time of the month (or any day for that matter)! But if you do want to beat the funk and get out of bed, check out some of the benefits of exercising whilst on your period.

Benefits of exercise on your period

  1. It releases endorphins, which increases the feel-good chemical dopamine and relieves pain (cramps be gone!)
  2. It decreases inflammation, improves blood flow, and increases your energy over time.
  3. It helps to reduce stress and stress is known to sometimes amplify period pain.

Recommended forms of exercise to do on your period

Whilst on your period you should avoid pushing yourself too hard. Listen to your body and hear what it’s saying before you go and run a marathon or do an intense bootcamp. You don’t want to put any additional stress on your body because it’s already going through so much!

Here’s some lower impact forms of exercise we recommend trying to get you out and active yet still looking out for your body.

  1. Walking
  2. Swimming
  3. A light run
  4. Yoga & Pilates
  5. Low volume strength training
  6. Stretching

So whatever you decide to do next time you’re on your period, whether that’s today, next week or next month, remember to not push yourself too hard and listen to your body.

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