Top 5 Tips To Get Back Into a Workout Routine

May 13, 2021

It’s been a while, but finally the gyms are back! We’ve had a whole year of working out from home and getting back into that ‘normal routine’ is going to be hard for everyone. But congratulations, you’ve made the first step! We’ve got the TOP 5 tips you need to follow to help you get back into a fitness routine, let’s get it team SHREDDY 💪

Follow these tips to get your gym routine back on track

Plan out your day in advance

It’s your time to shine, book out 20 minutes in your schedule to get started. Making sure you have a dedicated time to train is a great way to stick to your goals even when you get busy!

Get yourself some new kit

Nothing gives you motivation quite like a fresh piece of kit right?. Whether it’s a new resistance band, a supplement to add to your post workout treat or a new plan to follow, SHREDDY have you got covered!

Get SHREDDY 100% Vegan Protein Powder

Follow a gym plan

With so much equipment on offer in the gym it can be tempting to jump into the first thing you set your eyes on, but we’re here to help. Each of our gym guides gives you a full gym-centred workout that’s tailored to your fitness objectives, personal preferences and workout style.

So rather than falling to the floor after trying EVERY machine we’ll have you working out smarter, whether you want to lose fat, tone up or get lean, let’s get it girl!

Prepare your gym bag the night before

If you’ve got your bag ready to go you won’t spend time faffing about in the dark trying to find your fave booty band (trust us). You can just pick up your bag and go, leaving no time for you to change your mind!

Do it for yourself

You can’t do it for anyone else, your WHY needs to be for you. Write down something you want to achieve each week from your new fitness routine and tick it off once you do it. Seeing that list being ticked off will bring a huge sense of satisfaction and encourage you to keep going!

For more tips and workouts to get you motivated in the gym, check out our Instagram and join a community full of women just like you.

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